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Kanaloa Octopus is a small research facility with room for up to 20 rescued cephalopods. Most of our
octopuses animals are sourced from local fishermen who would otherwise sell them for use as bait. Our octopuses
are typically injured animals that others don’t want. We feed them and care for them, allowing them to recover.

As animal lovers, we care deeply for the octopuses cephalopods in our facility. We name them and learn about their individual quirks and habits. As members of the community of researchers at Hawai’i Ocean Science & Technology (HOST) Park, we are passionate about developing technology for future conservation efforts and
educating our community about these beautiful animals. As researchers, we need our octopuses to be healthy and
well cared for so we can study them effectively.
We have strict rules covering interactions between humans and octopuses. Humans are not permitted to initiate contact with octopuses. They must stay at a distance from the octopuses. Contact is only permitted if the octopuses initiate, and approach the human, for instance by wrapping a tentacle around a finger.


We take seriously our commitment to follow all regulations regarding research and humane treatment of the octopuses cephalopods in our care. We are working with the Division of Aquatic Resources to ensure we are in full compliance.

We look forward to continuing our mission of research and public educational about these fascinating cephalopods and will keep you updated on our plans.  We believe our organization can play an important role in the future of regenerative tourism in Hawai’i.

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